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3PL Services

3PL Services


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3PL, or third party logistics, simply means that South Atlantic works to manage the logistics operations of shippers. Logistics may include aspects of warehousing, negotiation of freight rates, management of transportation with software, reporting, auditing and more. 

At South Atlantic, we are a full-service 3PL. We provide services over several industries. We audit freight bills, reduce freight rates, and provide transportation management services. While we bring you multiple services we leave all the critical decision making up to you. 

South Atlantic is not like other 3PL providers. We can take care of all supply chain needs during the product life cycle. From packaging to liquidation, we offer supply chain solutions that give you the best return on investment for your products.

The benefits of using South Atlantic 3PL services are endless. We help reduce the delivery costs for your customers. We provide a local knowledge of new markets. You will have better customer service due to reduced shipping times. Your inventory costs can be cut in half through better management. You will receive better shipment visibility as well. Most of your risks will be reduced. 

To put it simply, we help you save money. South Atlantic has many carriers to handle your freight. We help to lower the amount of infrastructure investments for you in additional equipment, software, personnel and facilities. When you use South Atlantic it is like having more employees on your side without the payroll headaches. You are able to let shippers focus resources on areas where they are the experts. 

South Atlantic has WMS and TMS systems that are second to none. We allow you to utilize this when you use our 3PL services. We can also run reports on your freight, evaluate shipping patterns and keep up with the quality of service. All of this will help you to reduce overhead. 

We utilize 3PL Central to track inventory for our warehouse accounts. 

South Atlantic provides various 3PL services including, but not limited to:

  • Contract Packaging – Packaging of products, kitting and assembly are connected with all distribution operations. 
  • Transportation – Total management of transportation services as well as supply chain handling and freight resolution.
  • Reverse Logistics – Reverse product flow management including product recalls and recycling services. 
  • Inventory Liquidation – Services that will maximize value of returns, surplus and closeout inventory. 

South Atlantic's 3PL services allows you to run your company with ease. No more worrying about shipping and receiving. We can provide you with stress-free logistics and allow you to easily track shipments. We take your business seriously and it shows through our customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to improve your operations tomorrow.