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Build to Suit Capability

Build to Suit Capability


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Build-to-suits are only one of the many opportunities available to companies in today’s intricate commercial real estate market.  Many individuals that are in charge of finding space for their companies find the build-to-suit opportunity beneficial, while others prefer more conventional approaches to meeting space needs.  Build-to-suits make the most sense you are able to make a long-term commitment to a property, can handle the initial costs, and when you are seeking possible expansion in the future.

The South Atlantic Companies can help you with your business expansion by managing the process from beginning to end - from finding land available in your preferred location to managing the entire construction and building process. This enables your business to broaden your operations in a seamless and professional manner. Expanding your business operations can be a lengthy and time consuming task. By using a company that manages the build to suit process, you can combine all the man hours you would spend searching for ideal real estate, planning, and construction services and end up with a facility that is tailored to your specific needs.

Smart Building

A build-to-suit can offer several advantages to a relocating company. A build-to-suit helps your company to attain maximum space efficiency since the space is designed specifically for you and your company. New construction allows a developer to utilize the most cost-effective energy systems in the project which can result in your company saving money on operating costs down the road. Your company will also have maximum design input to create a building that will project your intended company image. Also, a build-to-suit project will allow your company space for future development.

There are many specific advantages to using a build to suit capable company. Some of these include:

Built to Your Needs – We can help you to understand and plan out your end goals for the space and then develop all of the required construction documentation, building systems, codes and compliance. This gives your company a custom tailored space that can save you money in the long run with reduced operational costs and personnel expenses.

Cost Management – Our professionals deliver a superb and seamless end result through cost management and project scheduling - enabling your company to serve customers’ growing demands quicker.

Worry Free – Companies and businesses alike who use build to suit solutions won’t have to worry about finding land or managing any of the new construction process. Instead, all of that would be handled by The South Atlantic Companies personnel.  This enables your business to focus on your original core business.

Examples of our Build to Suit Projects:

  • Procter & Gamble: 582,000 square feet
  • Procter & Gamble: 550,000 square feet
  • Procter & Gamble: 244,000 square feet
  • Rhodes Furniture: 320,000 square feet
  • Ziehl Abegg: 96,000 square feet
  • Smurfit Stone: 46,000 square feet
  • Dial Corp: 35,000 square feet

Grow Beyond Potential

Our team will oversee and create schedules, budgets, and contracting so that your structure is built according to plan—within budget and on time.