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Cross docking

Cross docking


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Cross docking is a management method used to quickly combine shipments from different sources and maximize savings when it comes to outbound transportation. Cross docking removes the inventory storage capacity of a warehouse while still allowing space to deliver its shipping and consolidation functions. The concept is to transfer incoming shipments straight to outgoing trailers without having to store them in-between. Shipments usually spend less than 12 hours at our warehouse and sometimes less than a couple of hours. 

In a traditional warehouse, materials are accepted from vendors and stored on pallet racks or industrial shelving. When a customer purchases the product, a worker picks it from the rack and sends it to the required destination. In a cross dock, goods coming in from the vendor have a customer assigned already, so employees only need to move the goods from the inbound trailer to the outbound trailer on its way to the destination.

Cross docking saves your company money and time while lowering costs associated with:

  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Transportation

If emergencies emerge, South Atlantic Companies can help you by supplying responsive employees, so that we can resolve your special circumstances fast and efficiently. 

Distressed Loads

Loads can move during transit and sometimes missed appointments are inevitable. South Atlantic is the go-to company in emergency situations in the region. We can respond with short notice and under restricted time constraints. Some examples of special circumstances and distressed services are:

  • Truckloads that need emergency organizing due to shifting or error in loading
  • Goods that must be temporarily stored until the destination can receive it
  • Appointments that were missed and must be rescheduled for later date
  • Shipments that need other services before delivery such as labeling, palletizing, or wrapping
  • Damage to the trailer that needs product to be unloaded and loaded onto another trailer

South Atlantic Companies in Greensboro is your experienced cross docking choice. Give us a call today with any questions and our highly trained and educated employees will be glad to help.