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Dedicated Fleet Service

Dedicated Fleet Service


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 As your business grows, there will be a time when you should consider dedicated fleet operations. When you first began, using traditional shippers and hiring the occasional driver worked, but now, with increased volume, you need additional support. A dedicated fleet operation will give you access to drivers, tractors, trailers, and other resources.

Is it Time for Your Company to Use a Fleet Service?

When deciding if it is time for you to begin using a Fleet Service, ask yourself….

Do you ship seasonally? If your product is a seasonal product and a personal fleet would not be used for portions of the year, a dedicated fleet operation will help you meet your shipping demands.

Are your loads shipped locally? Long distance? Both? Having a fleet operation at your disposal will help you ship loads with varying distances.

Do you need items transported both directions? To you and from you? A fleet service can be more cost effective than typical commercial shipping companies. Your drivers may make multiple stops, both picking up and delivering items for you. With common carriers, you are usually charged a separate fee for each stop. With a dedicated fleet operation, you will save that expense.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Fleet Service

One of the greatest advantages of a dedicated fleet is that you will not have the cost of the initial deployment of your transportation division with the hiring of drivers and the purchase of trailers and tractors. You will have no need for a large parking area, maintenance, and additional security. You will not have the expense of trucks and drivers sitting idle during your company’s downtime or seasonal slowdowns.

You will have access to the equipment you need, when you need it. For example, your business may need to move items in large quantities or large items. Or, you may need to move items that need specific equipment like refrigerated trailers or long flatbeds for oversized loads. With a dedicated fleet you can also specify multiple deliveries or back hauls.

Using a dedicated fleet service, such as South Atlantic, can help you reduce costs.  You can concentrate on the production.  Manufacturing and other details of your business that will help your business grow while eliminating the worry about the transportation aspect of the individual order. In addition, you can help manage customer service with greater on-time delivery and improve the customer’s satisfaction with faster transaction completion.