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Display Assembly

Display Assembly


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Merchandising trends mirror developments unfolding in retail markets. South Atlantic strives to stay one step ahead of consumers.  Today, the retail marketplace includes club stores that straddle the line between traditional retail outlets and discount warehouses.  As a result, innovative display assemblies in Greensboro are required, which accommodate the high-volume store packaging approach.

In many cases, the most effective merchandising approach for stores involves pallet-sized display assemblies that can be quickly placed in service.  And while facilitating high-volume sales is a primary concern of South Atlantic, effective display assembly and store packaging also accounts for aesthetics and brand-building.  Half-pallet and quarter-pallet displays are also used in club stores, enabling precise point-of-purchase placement and flexibility showcasing a variety of items.

Basic pallet-sized packs, for example, furnish self-contained units that simply need to be wheeled into place and uncovered.  In most cases, club packs can be shopped from all sides, furnishing flexible merchandising solutions that include lots of opportunities to promote graphics and other brand information.  In fact, club store merchandising requirements have elevated the standard for printing high-quality graphics on corrugated boxes and displays.

Depending on precise design specifications provided by stores, PDQ trays are often used to organize individual items, before being packed in retail-friendly configurations that give shoppers access from multiple sides. 

In addition to appealing presentations, displays and store packaging accounts for consumer handling and display durability.  Working with club retailers, contract packagers design displays that are structurally sound, accessible and visibly stimulating.  While it can be a tall order, our experienced packagers step-up with turnkey solutions for countless products.

Our flexible packaging operations at South Atlantic allow us to customize production lines as needed to incorporate functions such as shrink-wrapping, shrink-banding, gluing, and labeling. Our capabilities in this area include production of: 

  • Multi-Pack 
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Floorstand Displays
  • Counter Unit Displays
  • Warehouse Club Tray Packs
  • Buy One Get One / BOGO Promotions
  • Clip Strip Assemblies
  • Shrink-Wrapped Multi-Packs and On-Packs

When it comes to display assembly, look no further than South Atlantic in Greensboro. Our experienced staff can provide you with a cost-effective solution to all your product packaging needs. Give us a call today to discuss the needs of your warehouse or retail business.