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E-commerce Order Fulfillment

E-commerce Order Fulfillment


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South Atlantic is a premier e-commerce fulfillment provider that offers a full range of e-commerce fulfillment services. We can service orders placed all over the country with various delivery options, so you save money on freight charges and deliver fast service to your customers.

Our experienced team of fulfillment specialists begin pulling your orders as soon as they receive the information from our state of the art warehouse management and order fulfillment software. We pick aind pack your goods for shipment, breaking down pallets or cases as required to meet the order requirements. We treat every order and every product with care, and we strive for both accuracy and speed. Our standard processes are efficient and flexible, but we are happy to customize the process to suit your needs.

As part of our fulfillment services, we offer complete reverse logistics services. We inspect every returned package we receive, and we can clean, press and re-tag apparel returns, and we test, repair and repackage other products. We also offer custom labeling as part of our e-commerce srvices, and we can provide kitting and light assembly services for most other products.

We have a secure warehouse space located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our facilities offer high ceilings for efficiency, and we are equipped with storage areas and handling equipment for a variety of goods. Also, our systems are integrated with delivery providers to ensure accurate shipping and give you and your customers the ability to easily track your orders as soon as they leave one of our facilities. We are close to the FedEx hub in Greensboro, NC which allows for packages to get delivered quickly and if there is inclement weather, deliveries will have a better chance being less impacted because of our close proximity. In addition, if you have a high volume of products, our transportation service can deliver all packages directly to the hub at FedEx.


Our e-commerce fulfillment center is efficient, cost effective and staffed with well-trained and reliable fulfillment professionals. The combination of location, services, facilities and software that South Atlantic provides enables us to offer custom, end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment services to some of the highest volume and most well-known companies in the world. Contact us today to find out why they rely on us to provide superior warehousing and distribution services. We also provide many other services including QC inspection, bar code application, labeling, kitting and more.