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Manufacturing Support Services

Manufacturing Support Services


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South Atlantic offers varied integrated manufacturing support services. Our processes confirm high quality parts and elements in short lead times. From industrial and automotive to consumer electronics, we keep inventories throughout the supply chain minimal. 

We chart your crucial performance capacities for the movement of goods and information. This facilitates us to aim our attention on joint advance activities, offering the most promising gains.

Some of our leading service contributions regarding manufacturing support services include:

Reduced costs due to vendor managed inventory

We work directly with vendors to build programs in distribution centers which enable manufacturers to purchase materials on delivery and only pay monthly for what they use. This allows our customers to divert assets for other services. 

Modernized sourcing & acquisition

Profitable production starts with reliable and adequate sourcing and procurement. We assist with supplier evaluation and improvement, optimizing supply chain condition and impartiality. When we work with suppliers abroad, we contribute tested various transportation plan of actions for the productive circulation of commodities.

Simplify parts handling: Kitting

We simplify parts handling by combining individual parts into centralized user packages before final delivery.

Keep the processes running: Sequencing

Nothing can be more expensive than closing down an assembly line due to the lack of production-ready goods. Our process arranges materials for the assembly line, so the correct part comes in the correct order at the correct time – according to your specified production schedule. 

Saving on assembly time and steps: Sub-assembly

By pre-assembling components and parts, we decrease the amount of steps required during the assembly at the factory and in turn, we simplify your process and lower your costs.

Right delivery system

Reducing the parts and supplies inventory on your floor can generate critical core results. We will help you create the unified systems needed to move goods, within strict time limits, from points of acquisition directly to your production line. 

When it comes to manufacturing support services, South Atlantic Companies is your choice. Give our Greensboro location a call to speak with one of our team members on how we can help grow your business.