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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics


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When it comes to processing returns, businesses can be caught in the midst of many critical decisions. If not made correctly, these choices could result in money lost. Companies are faced with a large challenge of optimizing recovery and making room in inventory due to managing hundreds to thousands of vendors and returns.

Your business requires a professional ally that is experienced in reverse logistics. You need a company that offers modernized services and tailored solutions. South Atlantic is your company for maximum recovery.

We are the top reverse logistics choice in the Southeast. We have created custom processes to comprehensively handle returned goods. Our reverse logistics expertise allows you to focus on your bottom line.

Our reverse logistics services includes: 

  • Return center operations
  • Return-to-vendor management
  • Product recall management
  • Test, repair and refurbishment
  • Product recycling 

Improve your company's cash flow and lower inventory needs through quick, automated processing of retail and consumer returns with South Atlantic. We streamline your operations through experienced return center management. We overlook all operations to ensure compliance with vendor agreements. and internal policies. Our reverse logistics system drastically reduces the hours needed for labor in store-level processing.

Allow South Atlantic to maximize the value for all your returned goods through our liquidation channels. We can help you to improve your vendor relations through fast and accurate application of vendor credits. You receive an all-inclusive solution for reverse logistics management. Our returns processing software helps to reduce the volume of returns through the identifying and eliminating warehouse and in-transit damage. 

We will help you create, plan, and implement a reverse logistics plan that backs your profit goals and provides you with the largest value. We bring to reverse logistics the technology, resources, and management needed to increase control and asset recovery, improve information management, and save administrative time. 

South Atlantic provides reverse logistics as a solution for all our customers. Give us a call to see what we can do for you to help streamline your operations and lower your bottom line costs.