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Sequencing of Inventory

Sequencing of Inventory


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South Atlantic provides complete warehouse services with respect to all raw materials used in the production process, as well as finished goods pending shipment. Sequencing of inventory, and work in progress, is accomplished in real time through our specialized software.


Our facility offers warehouses for the company’s operations, with options for sizable expansion as our customers needs increase. The facility incorporates pallet racking, flow bins and picking shelves for efficiency in all fulfillment services including sequencing of inventory.

Inventory Control & Management

Inventory control procedures and reports are customized to meet customer specifications and needs. An inventory process, including sequencing, is implemented to insure accurate reporting.

Product Maintenance

Raw materials and finished goods are given a part number and product description upon arrival. At the part number level we have developed many management tools to aid in report analysis, printing of pack slips, and organizing inventories. These tools allow for complete product management.


We can serve as a central site for all materials necessary to build or assemble products. All materials are accounted for and recorded upon arrival. Quantities and receiving information are entered into the inventory system for instant viewing through our software.


Our extensive lists of inventory reports are all available in real time through our online software reporting system. This allows you to review quantities on-hand and other required reporting when you most need the information. 


Give South Atlantic a call to discuss all your inventory and warehousing needs.