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Special Labeling

Special Labeling


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South Atlantic is a premier provider of custom packaging of your products for distribution. Because quality assurance is of utmost importance when taking a product to the marketplace, South Atlantic has many checks in place. Our labeling lines have the capacity to check, weigh and dud-detect virtually any size of product. You and your customer can be assured that the most up to date screening methods available are being used to maintain the quality of product going to market. Should machine screening reports indicate that special handling or inspection be necessary, we have the experienced employees and technology to do the job.

Our warehouse is also available for all types of recovery work and product inspection. If you need to recoup damaged product or look for a labeling defect we have qualified systems and people here for you.

South Atlantic will also bundle package your product for club stores or other special markets. Special shrink wrapping or display assembly, or hand assembly are a few examples of what we do. Give us a call for your special needs, we will welcome the opportunity.

When dealing with food, inventory control and lot code accountability are required and available. We can provide inventory control at several levels including the lot, warehouse receipt, and pallet. When you look in our warehouse and see the thousands of products and then listen to the concern the staff has about reconciling one discrepancy, you understand the pride we have in ourselves and how we keep our reputation as a premium labeling and packaging facility.

In addition to being able to label and package your product, we also have the warehouse space to store your product, both before and after we package. Our full distribution system tracks every code labeled and cased, the specific markings on the case, the specific markings jet inked onto the product, and the shipments of each code per label. There is also a variety of inventory reports to choose from. The choice to warehouse your inventory at South Atlantic will be rewarded for many years to come, as has been the case for many of our long time customers.

Our state of the art labeling equipment can be custom configured to provide a wide range of labeling solutions. We have several labeling lines, with the ability to apply one, two or three labels simultaneously at fast speeds.  

Give us a call to discuss all your special labeling needs. South Atlantic in Greensboro provides all contract warehousing services to help you meet and exceed your goals.