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Trucking Services

Trucking Services


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Greensboro Trucking Services

South Atlantic Companies is a top-quality logistics provider with customized  transportation services for companies of all sizes. We have a modern fleet of power units, professional drivers, and advanced communications and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. We have the capability and experience to handle all  transportation requirements.  

We operate in the United States as well as provide local delivery. We have an excellent on-time delivery record and transport materials and products to manufacturers as well as retail locations. 

Transportation Management

Our  transportation platform utilizes a global positioning system, which enables us to provide coherent integration with your systems using EDI capabilities. We provide site-specific services for you, including local shuttle services and on-site 24/7 dispatch. We also offer Just In Time (JIT) transportation services for many of our clients in several different industries. We also integrate freight tendering as another aspect of our solutions.

South Atlantic Companies offers a wide variety of transportation services through our modern fleet of power units and 53' foot air-ride trailers, centralized 24/7 dispatch, two-way satellite communications, and EDI capabilities. We are continually growing in order to meet our client needs. We have company-owned trucks, tractors, trailers, and shuttles.  

At South Atlantic Companies, safety is our highest priority. The safety of our staff, drivers, clients, and other highway travelers is extremely important to us. Safety is an integral part of operations, exemplified by our policies and procedures.

We will become an extension of your company and take time to listen and understand your needs to create a plan that works for you. Once your plan is developed, a permanent team of highly skilled dispatchers, managers, and professional drivers will be assigned to the operation. They will be available for on-site assistance and operational control. In short, we provide working solutions from the very beginning.

Give South Atlantic Companies a call today to discuss all of our trucking services. Whether you need private fleet management or local delivery service, we can help. 

We offer the following Trucking Services: