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Value Added Fulfillment

Value Added Fulfillment


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Often referred to as “value-added services”, these additional offerings are not required of a logistics service, but they help complement and streamline your logistics needs.  There are many services to be considered. South Atlantic provides many value-added services such as kitting, light assembly, display builds, and more.

Many companies today find it more efficient to outsource their packaging and fulfillment. South Atlantic has a proven track record in flawlessly executing a wide variety of customized fulfillment services. At South Atlantic, there is no charge for storage with active fulfillment programs. By using our services, you can potentially decrease dock to store time, improve inventory fill rates and streamline your limited production space for other assembly needs.

Let South Atlantic handle the flow of your commodities from conception to the finished and ready to ship package. We are able to handle a range of projects for you, from a small job to larger operations. Our top notch project management team guarantees high levels of accuracy for your fulfillment projects.

There is nothing better than knowing that the products necessary to keep you in business will be at the stores in a timely manner.  The overall goal is to not only be able to keep products coming in but find ways to bring more products to stores or customers and still keep costs low. 

When a product is manufactured, often it is not assembled in its final form, and most importantly, it’s probably not put together for its final shipping container to the end customer or retail destination.  A value-added service of light assembly would include packaging various independent materials into one container. Having this beneficial service provided as part of your allocation solution is essential to your operations because it takes another third-party hire out of the equation.

With shipping and aggregation comes the potential for damage and loss. With our value-added services we can provide quality assurance inspections.  This ensures that your product is in perfect condition, and that your customers will be receiving their item in its original and intended condition. 

Maximize Efficiency

The goal of any business or company is to maximize what they offer, and also what they can do for customers.  This is where The South Atlantic Companies can play a critical role.  With their integrated systems, and abilities they have the knowledge and capabilities to make value added fulfillment possible.  With their many different aspects, they are well equipped to handle nearly any kind of merchandise or product for clients. 

Smart Choice

No matter what size company you have; you need to have an order fulfillment strategy that works. By using an order fulfillment service, this not only will ensure that products and items will get to stores and customers, but it can help reduce costs.