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South Atlantic Companies offers a complete range of warehousing services including Cross Docking, Inventory Management, Contract Warehousing, Manufacturing Support Services, Reverse Logistics, Value Added Fulfillment, and Vendor Managed Inventory. 

Cross Docking:

Cross docking is a management method used to quickly combine shipments from different sources and maximize savings when it comes to outbound transportation. Cross docking removes the inventory storage capacity of a warehouse while still allowing space to deliver its shipping and consolidation functions. The concept is to transfer incoming shipments straight to outgoing trailers without having to store them in-between. Shipments usually spend less than 12 hours at our warehouse and sometimes less than a couple of hours.

In a traditional warehouse, materials are accepted from vendors and stored on pallet racks or industrial shelving. When a customer purchases the product, a worker picks it from the rack and sends it to the required destination. In a cross dock, goods coming in from the vendor have a customer assigned already, so employees only need to move the goods from the inbound trailer to the outbound trailer on its way to the destination. 

Inventory Management:

Inventory management often is the biggest challenge when managing any company's supply chain. It's difficult to balance efficiently delivering merchandise to customers while operating the supply chain. 

If you are finding it hard to balance your inventory management, consider outsourcing it to South Atlantic, a third party logistics (3PL) provider. We can have you up and running fast with various systems to assist you in identifying inventory requirements. We also help you set targets and offer replenishment and inventory statuses. 

At South Atlantic we offer warehousing to store all merchandise if needed. Your orders come to us and we provide it all from start to finish with documentation and reports. Your products are completely traceable and we have complete accountability. The inventory level and history of transactions are available to you at any time. 

Contract Warehousing:

Contract warehousing has many advantages. It offers businesses and entrepreneurs a variety of services created to handle their packing, inventorying, and shipping needs.  Using a warehouse management system, we streamline a number of the different processes required by a business like palletizing and labeling; making it easy for companies to focus on other areas demanding their attention.

Our warehouse team finds a premium location so that companies are best able to meet their customers’needs no matter where in the US they reside. This type of attention-to-detail is what makes contract warehousing convenient and economical.

Manufacturing Support Services:

South Atlantic offers varied integrated manufacturing support services. Our processes confirm high quality parts and elements in short lead times. From industrial and automotive to consumer electronics, we keep inventories throughout the supply chain minimal.  

We chart your crucial performance capacities for the movement of goods and information. This facilitates us to aim our attention on joint advance activities, offering the most promising gains.

Reverse Logistics:

When it comes to processing returns, businesses can be caught in the midst of many critical decisions. If not made correctly, these choices could result in money lost. Companies are faced with a large challenge of optimizing recovery and making room in inventory due to managing hundreds to thousands of vendors and returns. 

Your business requires a professional ally that is experienced in reverse logistics. You need a company that offers modernized services and tailored solutions. South Atlantic is your company for maximum recovery. 

Value Added Fulfillment

Many companies today find it more efficient to outsource their packaging and fulfillment. South Atlantic has a proven track record in flawlessly executing a wide variety of customized fulfillment services. At South Atlantic, there is no charge for storage with active fulfillment programs. By using our services, you can potentially decrease dock to store time, improve inventory fill rates and streamline your limited production space for other assembly needs.

Let South Atlantic handle the flow of your commodities from conception to the finished and ready to ship package. We are able to handle a range of projects for you, from a small job to larger operations. Our top notch project management team guarantees high levels of accuracy for your fulfillment projects.

Vendor Managed Inventory


When it comes down to it, companies and businesses want to make the most of everything they have.  From supplies and shipping to logistics and everyday business practices, the goal is to be profitable all the way around.  For those who sell products to consumers and other businesses, this usually means that there is some type of inventory on hand.  This is where vendor managed inventory can be very useful.

We are the following Warehouse Services: